Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We're getting the band [back] together...

Well, it's been a very busy two weeks!  Assembling the crew, scouting locations, scheduling actors, sewing costumes. It's all coming together, and we should begin shooting less than two weeks from now.
Director Dexter Adriano and VFX Supervisor Ron Shaw scouting a location.
We had an immense amount of fun at our first table read of the script with most of the cast (some folks were out of town :( and we missed them terribly).  We've been in Kickstarter land and pre-production country for so long, we hadn't even thought about the script in quite a while.  It was really good for us to laugh and aww and remember how sweet and funny the show could be (if we don't blow it), and it reminded me why we wanted to do this in the first place:  we have a great story to tell you.
Spoiler alert!  A page from the second-to-last episode.
And a little business to deal with too.  There's interest from [NAME REDACTED] to be our home on the Interwebz.  Can't say anything more lest I jinx it, but I hope the Sweethearts Army will cross their collective fingers for us!
Once we're shooting, then I'll have more exciting updates and images for y'all.
Much love from the Sweethearts to all of you!