Thursday, July 11, 2013

Oh, I can't wait for you to see this

In this day and age, post-production entails a lot of sitting in front of computers, which is why I haven't done a lot of visually driven updates at this stage.  Even though Dexter and Stephanie ARE pretty dang sexy...
Editors Stephanie Goldstein and Dexter Adriano
They showed me a rough cut of the entire series, and I found myself enjoying it in a way I hadn't expected.  I thought, "I wrote this, I was there for shooting, nothing will surprise me, I'll be seeing mistakes..."  Instead, I was taken aback by how pleasing it was, and I was LOLing at some of the great performances by the cast.  Even the last three episodes, which were the toughest to shoot in our production schedule, were not bad at all.  And again, this is only a rough cut.
They still have tweaking to do on the early part of the series and things to finalize in the later part, but we're close to picture lock.  The post-production sound editor, composer and color corrections folks have started their work.  And we appreciate y'all's patience, because unlike shooting--when everyone put the rest of their lives on hold for ten-plus days to be on set--all of our post people (all of them professionals in the field) have to balance their time on this project against their day jobs (and if they don't do their day jobs, there will be some big holes in this fall's network television schedules).
Here's a little hint at some news I'm holding off on until a later official announcement.  Dexter brought in a good friend and colleague to work on our show, and I'm still freaking out that he wants to help us.  All I can say for now is our post-production sound editor is the reason why CSI sounds so good.
We're hoping to launch in mid-August.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at