Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Screen captures from episode the first

To coin a term from Megan Alyse who plays Morgan in the show, I can't stop squeeing over what I've seen in rough cuts, and I cannot wait to share the final product with y'all, but in order for it to be the best quality, it will take time.

But here are some screen caps to give you a sense of what you'll see in the series premiere:

Silvia (Tallest Silver) and Katelyn (Kit Quinn) march into the comic book convention, as Wanda the Fan Girl (Kelby LeNorman) watches.
Silvia (Tallest Silver), LeeAnna Vamp (as herself), and Katelyn (KIt Quinn).  "Are you entering the costume contest?"  "Oh, look!  Cards against Humanity."
Wanda (Kelby LeNorman), Silvia (Tallest Silver), Reporter (Gina Manziello), and Camera Man (David Downey) watch as Katelyn prepares to jump to take an in-flight shot.
Silvia (Tallest Silver) tries to get a handle on things as Katelyn (Kit Quinn) now believes she's actually the character Trinity Infinity.
LeeAnna Vamp (as herself) hosts a costume contest.  Seth Thygesen enters, dressed as the super-villain Necrocide.  "Is that an original character?"  "It's from Sweethearts of the Galaxy."  "I've never heard of it."
Katelyn (Kit Quinn), LeeAnna Vamp (as herself) and Silvia (Tallest Silver):  "We actually won?"
Katelyn used to dress up as her favorite characters at comic book conventions.  And then at a convention with her fellow cosplayer Silv, something happens that causes her to think she really is the character she admires most.  Her roommate Lilly devises scenarios straight out of fiction, so Katelyn can make her way through real life.  But then when the rest of their friends get into the game, it starts to get out of hand...

Featuring Kit Quinn, Tallest Silver, Lola UnWinona, Megan Alyse, and David Dickerson.  Written by Michael Premsrirat.  Directed by Dexter Adriano.