Friday, May 30, 2014

Web Séries Mag review

In case Tank is unable to download a French language module for you, we'll rely on our high school French to translate this very kind review in Web Séries Mag:
But the thing which has grabbed me the past few days, even to the point that I can't stop singing the end theme song ("Take Off" by The Wyle Band), is Sweethearts of the Galaxy. I think, if you're like me, the programs that truly make an impression on me are those that begin by deceiving me, or making me sigh and reverse my expectations before I can click away. The synopsis of this Web series in nine episodes of a dozen minutes each, created by Dexter Adriano and Michael Premsrirat, is rather unoriginal and even tired: this is the story of a "normal" personal who suddenly takes to thinking she's a superhero and—THUD!—there's the comedy. But here, this simple premise truly takes a funny—and in fact, very human—dimension. The characters are very believable, and there are many moments of emotion among the farcical scenes. Jacquelyn Crinnion, who play Trinity Infinity, is truly perfect, impeccable in this role.
Merci beaucoup, Joël Bassaget. Nous sommes honorés que vous avez écrit de notre websérie si généreusement!